Artist Overview

Art informs everything I do, and it’s hard to think of what life would look like without it.  I work mostly in 2d media: drawing, painting, and digital doodles.

Pharoahs Dream 2

The subject matter that has always received the better part of my attention is the figure – specifically, the portrait.  I’ve been a caricaturist since age 16, and while I’ve traditionally held this as a separate vein from the more ‘fine art’ stuff, the correlation between the two is unavoidable.  I mostly end up drawing friends and acquaintances, since they’re naturally around me more often. (*Scroll to check out the ‘Portraits’ Gallery at the bottom of this page).  Even when I’m working on something totally different, elements of the face or figure often work their way into the process, magically.

My ‘style’, such as it is, blends early Modern influences together with the worlds of cartoon, graffiti, and the psychedelic.  There are fancy-schmancy reasons that inform what I do and what I hope to achieve by doing it, but a lot of the time I’m happy if the work just turns out looking cool.  I also have a vested interest in the creation of fictitious worlds, and have taught comic art workshops and visual storytelling for many years.

My underlying modus operandi is based on PURE LOVE.  I adore making things and am a strong believer in the power creativity has to positively transform us, at both the individual and cultural level.  In the work that I do with others I aim to share this natural enthusiasm, and help nurture the creative forces lurking within everyone.



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