Art Therapy

Much of what I have to share as an art therapist comes from my more basic experience as a human being who tends to make sense of life playing with paint and crayons.  In establishing a lifetime habit of doing this, I’ve come to appreciate the deep and far-reaching benefits art can have as a tool for healing and relaxation, personal growth and expression, cognitive development, self-realization, spiritual awareness, just plain FUN…  The list goes on.

I opted to study at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute to enhance my ability to help people experience art making, and also as a challenge to move beyond what I was used to into new territory (however resonating with longstanding interests in psychology).  Through student placements I gained clinical experience in immigrant & refugee outreach (Community Matters Toronto / Lighthouse), eating disorders (Toronto General Hospital), cancer care (Gilda’s Club), substance addictions (D.A.R.E. program), geriatrics (Baycrest), mental health (House of Compassion), at-risk youth (Youthdale) and with First Nations people (Hamilton Regional Indian Centre).

After graduating I began to focus my attentions, variously, on cross-cultural work and mental health settings.  My current practice of therapeutic art is centered on group and community-based models.  To find out more or to discuss your personal goals, contact me at


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