Summer Greetings!


Summer has clearly been around for some time already, but I’m extending “seasonal” greetings as a way of reintroducing myself back into the whole blogging universe, given that my last post was an unusually long while back (2 months!).  I mean, holy cow…  What happens to time, right?!

Throughout the spring, I was busy on at least 2 fronts – first off, heading up the I Heart Artz workshop series at Central Neighbourhood House, which I’ve written a bit about already.  I was very pleased to have the chance to work with two great artists, Carlos Delgado and Jae Lejit, both of whom offered innovative courses in Sneaker Painting and Hip Hop songwriting, respectively.  I didn’t write about Jae’s workshop from start to finish, or our final exhibition on May 28th, as I wanted to include pictures from both of these.  Coming by such has been an oddly tricky task to coordinate, as these are still floating about on various devices of the folks who helped document the project. I’ll happily share them all once collected.

The second development represents a bit of a shift for me, in that I was hired on to teach at a private school in Mississauga at the end of November, and have been busy (VERY busy!) teaching humanities subjects from grades 5 to 12 since then.  One of my continuing initiatives has been to build up the school’s arts program, and in addition to teaching art this coming year, there are a number of exciting ideas I’ll be following up on over the next few months to get students out from the classroom and into the community.

Bringing this entry finally up to date, I am currently working on another project with the fantastic folks at the Hong Fook Mental Health Association.  “Yin & Yang: Nurturing Positive Relationships Through Intergenerational Arts Co-Creation” (or simply, “Yin & Yang”) provides a 10-session collaborative experience in art making to members of both Hong Fook’s youth and adult groups.  Sessions were initially set twice per week to convenience a trip to England I have upcoming in August, but this lucky happenstance inspired us to arrange the content around a weekly theme broken down into “yin” and “yang” elements, each represented by its own 2-hour class.  This week, for instance, we have the “Yin” of Light / Dark (we’re learning shading technique along with Tai Chi movements), while Thursday we’ll be looking at the contrasting “Yang” notions of warmth and Colour.

I’ll have a better write-up on Yin & Yang very soon!  That’s it for now.




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