Artist Bio: Jae Lejit

jae lejit cornwall
Francois “Jae Lejit” Lavagesse Jr, artist and founder of 16 Bars, was born in Brooklyn, NY USA, descending from a Haitian background.  At twelve years of age, Jae felt chosen to lead hip hop. Years later, after migrating from Philadelphia to Toronto, ON, Jae Lejit recorded his first song and founded 16 Bars based on the five elements of hip hop; fire, earth, wind, water, and knowledge. Featured on Globe & Mail, CBC, and Toronto Star, Jae Lejit has been a critically acclaimed act from this young age, and furthers his development as an artist and community leader with unusual passion.
We are super excited that from April 2nd-23rd, Jae contributed his skills to Central Neighbourhood House’s I Heart Artz program!  Running Saturdays from 3:00-5:00 pm, he has inspired local youth to write original songs while learning other essential elements of hip hop culture.  We’ll have a more detailed write-up soon, once the participants have had the chance to put the finishing touches on their grooves.  
In the meantime, you can read more about Jae and his interstellar work at his label site, 16 Bars

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