Yin & Yang: Coming Up @ Hong Fook this summer

Back on the March Break, I and my colleague-slash-pal, Annie Tse (Senior Mental Health Worker at Hong Fook) took a visit to Scarborough Arts’ Bluffs Gallery, where the exhibition for our upcoming summer project, “Yin & Yang”, is already slated to take place, courtesy of our exciting new supporting partners there.


I was approached back in February by HF, who were collectively interested to take on another major art initiative this year (1000 Candles being last summer’s).  The very specific goal of the new project is to link youth and adult programs together, thereby fostering intergenerational artistic collaboration.

The theme of the project takes as its inspiration the cultural form of Tai Chi, resonant through much of Asia in various ways, and to that extent, broadly reflective of Hong Fook’s member base, which hail from a diversity of backgrounds from within the continent, directly or historically.  The opposed elements of Yin and Yang are balanced harmoniously in Tai Chi, and the project strives to do likewise between the generations it involves.  Sessions will also include content from the discipline more literally, as traditional painting technique will be taught alongside breathing, movement, and meditation exercises, curiously influencing the art making process, while simultaneously useful in their own right – all the more so as tools in mental health management.

I am grateful as always for Hong Fook’s ongoing enthusiasm and support for the arts, and specifically, for the welcome invitation to work once again with their fantastic client artists.  Having independently overseen the Choices Youth program in the multi-arts Umbrella Project, and the adult group in the OAC-funded 1000 Candles (both this past summer) I’m really looking forward to the strange alchemy of having them co-create!




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