Meet Pierre

February 13th was the first day of my Comix 4 Kidz workshop at Central Neighbourhood House – the second in a series of three courses sponsored by the Toronto Arts Council (Carlos Delgado’s Sneaker Art workshop, which I’ve posted on previously, was the first in this lineup).

It was my happy pleasure that day to have met Pierre – a grade 5 kid with an absolute passion for art, and specifically, comic books.


I was told before we were introduced that Pierre was really keen, and that he already had a few ideas for a potential book.  What I didn’t expect was to be blown away by a level of detail in the plot and characters of his comic title, Bion-mals, so fantastic that I spent almost the full two hours just getting a handle on the backstory!

As Pierre recounted the history of the Bion-mals, their adorable 8-bit, vaguely anime-looking forms emerged from his pencil.  I furiously scribbled notes to get the plot points down.  Later, we learned about how to frame action through camera angles, for the epic battle at the Bion-mal Temple we wanted to capture between the 7 heroes of the piece and their archenemy, Rosti – a crazy rooster bent on stealing the Bion-mal Power Crystals.


Yesterday, we collaborated on a few awesome posters whose grand debut is expected sometime after our final workshop next week.  (I’ll be releasing these right here, so stay tuned!)

The chance to work with such a talented and enthusiastic mind as Pierre’s is just the kind of thing I live for as an art teacher, and although our sessions will over soon, you can count on hearing more about Pierre in the future.  I personally think it’s a matter of time before we’re all buying Bion-mals merchandise and waiting for the new blockbuster movie to come out.




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