PI Creative Now Selling My Stuff!

Some of you may recall that a little while ago I was signed to PI Fine Art.  PI is an international company catering to mostly large-scale clients (e.g. hotels) and their premises are half giant showroom, half-factory, and quite impressive to visit!

When we were first in talks over the summer, we contracted for the rights to 12 pictures, but went through some growing pains as we discovered that printing these original files out big resulted in some weird artifacted pixel issues, causing me to make a bunch more from scratch that would suit the intensive resolution requirements involved.

“Wiggly Desert”, 2015

The nice folks at PI recently sent me these pictures of two works that had been printed up for display in the showroom.  It’s crazy to see the work printed on this sleek acrylic substrate (suits my stuff best, they say) since it not only looks AWESOME in this format, but at 60″ x 40″ also exudes much more presence than on my dinky screen at home.  But the really neat thing was that the two works in question were shown to me not because they represented the fruits of our labours, but because both had evidently sold before those babies even made it up on the wall!  Whoopee!  I think we’re going to make some beautiful music together…

Check out the final 10 selected files (4 for Limited Edition, 6 Print-on-Demand) now up on their website, here!  (And yeah, don’t hesitate to click on ‘Details’ and get one of these electric puppies for yer living room!)

“Two Figures”, 2015



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