Interview with Brainard Carey on Yale University Radio now available!

A few months ago I was contacted (somewhat out of the blue!) by Brainard Carey – artist, author, and host of his own talk show (The Art World Demystified) airing on Yale University Radio.  We scheduled a conference call for last night (August 21) and I have been eagerly awaiting the interview ever since!

In our 16 minute spot, we discuss some of my current projects (i.e. 1000 Candles, with Hong Fook Mental Health Association), trajectory in public and community art, and the role of art therapy in arts-based work with groups.

Check it out HERE!

For the curious, I highly urge a look into Brainard’s art world career. His work is created in collaboration with his wife, Delia Carey, under the name ‘Praxis‘ and has enjoyed a greatly successful history, having been featured at such venues as PS1/MOMA and the Whitney Biennial.  He has also written some great reference material for aspiring and working artists alike, which you can take a look at on


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