Community Creative Jam @ Whole Foods Market

Last Friday, I had my first opportunity to get on board with a very interesting crew and initiative.  Captained by May Chook, a talented vocalist and sound artist, Community Creative Jam (or CCJAM) is an organization dedicated to bringing interactive arts experiences to a wider public.  They have held several events with the assistance of in-house and guest artists which have also held a crucial open-mic component, allowing members of the community the chance to share their gifts without limitations on which artistic discipline is expressed.  Poets and storytellers, dancers, musicians, actors, and even visual artists are all welcome to join the performance.

Justin Lui treats audiences to a traditional Mongolian dance.

Guest artist Justin Lui treats audiences to a traditional Mongolian dance.

The most recent of these, which I was involved in, was held at Whole Foods Market in the Sheppard and Yonge area.  The front of the store in the cafe area was set up with a mic, and a table laden with some refreshments, as well as a drawing area where CCJAM member and visual artist Stephanie Brennan and I were set up.  I gave a brief artist talk to a curious crowd, and did portraits in crayon for the rest of the evening.  The event was well-attended, and the response from the audience quite enthusiastic.

I am grateful to have been invited to this event and look forward to more great work in community arts from the CCJAM team!  To find out more about CCJAM and their membership, give a quick click here.


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