Danny’s Urban Fairies

Quite a few months ago I got wind of an interesting sounding project, a little outside my standard artistic fare.  Along the Danforth East, the organizers of the initiative – called Danny’s Urban Fairies – were busy matching local businesses with artists in the interests of creating small fairy doors which would be installed on their premises to create a sense of whimsy and wonder for those curious customers discovering them!

My own set of doors were set up at The Only Cafe and its companion store, The Only Juice Bar.  I made two companion works based loosely on Oberon and Titania, respectively – Titania was painted in a green field to suit the health-conscious feel of the Juice Bar and now sits just below a wheatgrass plant, while Oberon takes up residence on The Only Cafe wall among a variety of other interesting and exotic knick-knacks.

You can (and should!) check out Danny’s Urban Fairies elsewhere on the web at their home site (http://dannysurbanfairies.ca) as well as on Facebook to see some of the outstanding work by other participating artists!  And of course, if you’re strolling around the Danforth anytime, absolutely keep an eye out for these magical doo-dads!

*Bottom three photo credits by Jennifer Etches

“Oberon” – Bottom Right

"Oberon", 2015

“Oberon”, 2015

"Titania" at The Only Juice Bar

“Titania” at The Only Juice Bar

"Titania", 2015

“Titania”, 2015





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