LIVE ART Festival @ Underpass Park

Saturday June 20th was a momentous day along the Pan Am trail, infused with a busy hive of artists camped out at Underpass Park.  Half of these, including Toronto fixtures Mediah, SPUD, Elicser, Fiya Bruxa and others, worked to beautify the massive pillars supporting the underpass in a wide range of styles, to the sounds of DJs spinning throughout the day.  On the other side of the street, artists such as myself engaged in spontaneous mural creation and led arts-based workshops (face painting, button making, stencil) with members of the community, who turned out in force!  There was also musical entertainment, as well as some acts geared for the kids.

In the morning, Mural Routes – one partner in the LIVE ART Festival – set me up with a great big board, and I got to work on a picture representing some aspects of the area.  There were lots of interesting forms about, and I was particularly captured by some odd playground components.  I love painting in public!  In the afternoon I took charge of a chalk workshop, and in addition to helping passersby make their own chalk drawings created some strange characters of my own lining the pavement path, seen below.

It was great to see a bunch of fellow artists that I hadn’t in a while, and I made some new friends, too.  A big shout out to Tara Dorey and Michael Cavanaugh of Mural Routes for lining me up as a contributor!  Michael (A.K.A “Lucky Mike”), who also runs St. James Town Arts over in my neck of the woods, also gave us a dose of his talent with a few folky songs that day…including “Under the Underpass” (his rendition of “Under the Boardwalk”).  I swear I’ve had refrains from the tune running through my head all week!

It was a big event and I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention a lot, so for more information including posters, the schedule and stuff, take a look on Mural Routes’ site under the event here!


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