Signed to PI FINE ART!

A short while ago, I was approached by Paula Fleck of Oni-One, who was busy furnishing a posh Regent Park condo with as many local artists as she could find.  Through the grapevine she picked up my name, I being a stone’s throw away from the Park up in St. James Town, and she commissioned two works of the digital kind (the mainstay of my production) for display there.

Of course, one of the great troubles that exists with a digital oeuvre is that while images can be distributed easily enough via online sources, showing – and especially, selling – your stuff really requires a physical printout.  So far the overhead involved has limited the occasions I’ve had to pursue that route, and I’ve maintained the fairly non-capitalist stance of wanting to share my work with others digitally simply because I love it.

Thus, part of the kick I got from this arrangement was that Paula would print out both works on enormously sized acrylic!  Finally, I got to see what the work looked like on a very big scale.  (That’s me with one of the works, below.  It’s sideways, but never mind.)

Well!  Apparently, folks up at the place she had this done at – PI FINE ART – took an immediate liking to my style and invited me straightaway up to their facility to enter talks.  I was totally wowed by the immensity of the place!  PI works on a worldwide scale with high-end interior designers in the hotel and hospitality industries (for instance), and their location combines an impressive showroom with a production floor where works are printed and shipped off by the thousands.

The contract that we signed today provided PI with exclusive license over 12 of my images, 6 of which as limited editions, for a period of 2 years.  I am very excited about next steps!  Shortly, PI will print out a handful of these pictures on a big scale for the showroom and I’ll get to see more of these suckers done justice!  But of course, the real thrill will come when businesses around the world start ordering my stuff…in large volumes, I hope.

And, oh!  I would be remiss were I not to mention that in addition to their regular stable of artists such as myself, PI’s Investment Gallery also carries works by such names as Dine, Calder, Indiana, Warhol…  It’s so super cool to think that I’m represented by a place that represents Andy!



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