MirrorMe Workshop Almost a Wrap!

This past Friday was Week 7, the penultimate session of MirrorMe… the portrait painting workshop sponsored by Art Starts’ Platform A initiative and facilitated by fellow St. James Town artist, Poonam Sharma, and myself.  At the close of the night we saw the culmination of weeks of work in a bright and lively body of pictures representing insights both technical and conceptual from prior sessions.

Our modus operandi to date has been to explore the varieties of portraiture in history and the wide range of applications the notion of the portrait can have in contemporary practice.  Participants have focused on a broad array of personal and interpersonal themes, and each of their final works stands for a considered evaluation of their identity as reflected through a budding artistic persona.

We were fortunate to have as the venue for our exhibition Community Matters’ May Fair event (Saturday 23rd).  Set up in their new space in 240 Wellesley with other artists from the St. James Town Arts collective, our group displayed the fruits of their labours to incoming crowds from all over the area.

We expect to take part in Art Starts’ final showcase on June 18th, and will feature more of our work then.  Updates to follow, of course!  Before that, though, all there is left to do is to take part in next week’s final celebration of MirrorMe’s participants and all their hard work.  We will be joined at Community Corner by a videographer from Art Starts who is creating a compilation of all projects funded by the Platform A Microgrant, so look out for that later this summer on my YouTube channel!

In the meanwhile, check out the photo gallery for our efforts thus far on MirrorMe or Paul Byron Art‘s page, on Facebook.


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