Spring has “SPRUNG!” at ArtHeart

About two months ago I got in touch with Sandi Wong, artist and Board of Directors member for ArtHeart Community Art Centre at Daniels Spectrum, looking to get on board with perhaps a mural project.  Given that space in the centre is at an absolute premium – you can tell from the above photo just what I’m talking about – a mural was an unrealistic goal to set for us.  However we soon found a pretty cool alternative: doors!  We looked around and found a set that Home Depot was gracious enough to donate.  Soon we were on our way to conceptualizing a work that would reflect the theme, “SPRUNG!” – the title for the April 1st show ArtHeart would soon be holding.

Inspired by Sandi’s work itself, on the one side of the doors, outlines of figures stand against a bleak wintery background.  Within the figures, though, can be seen pastel-coloured visions of spring.  Each figure represents a different ArtHeart artist, and yet more artists were involved in the tracing of figures, the working of the background, etc.  On the reverse of the doors, others took to blocking out the letters in “ArtHeart” along with the logo, against bright, springy greens and blues.  It took six weeks for us to complete both sides, and my final contribution, including overseeing artists during this time, was to screw in the hinges with power tools.  I’m not so fond of power tools, but the thing stood up, so all’s well that ends well!

The show itself was a great success and the door made a fantastic centrepiece to the other works of art displayed and for sale created by ArtHeart’s eclectic collective of individuals.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have supervised this project and look forward to future collaborations!

For the full photo diary of this project’s evolution, check out the Facebook page at Paul Byron Art!


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