Getting ready for MIRRORME

It’s been months since Art Starts awarded the Platform A Microgrant for the (I daresay, innovative) project, MirrorMe – an 8-week workshop bringing youth from St. James Town and area together in conversation about notions of identity, to examine how the vehicle of portraiture can focus relevant questions on the theme of who and what we are.  Fellow artist Poonam Sharma and myself have been busily building the infrastructure for upcoming sessions…planning curriculum, figuring out material lists, and, most importantly of all, doing outreach in various centres around the neighbourhood.  After months of thinking and talking about it, Poonam and I are very excited to finally get into the swing of things with our first session on April 10th!

A big shout out to Mehdia and Maryam Hassan, known in this area as the entrepreneurs behind the very fantabulous Serendipity Visual Arts program, for allowing Poonam and I to come in and nab your time slot!  (Fridays from 4:00-6:00 at Community Corner.)  It just so happened that Serendipity was going on break just as our thing was starting up, so, perfect timing!  As a side note, you can check out the wonderful work that M&M and their group have been doing this Saturday from 1:00-4:00 at the Corner (200 Wellesley) as their end-of-program extravaganza takes place!

ArtStarts_vector_1  Platform A


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