Youth paint the future of Central Neighbourhood House

Last night (Thursday Dec 18th) represented the close of the first week at Central Neighbourhood House in which members of its various youth programs busily worked to transform the north side of the gym through the magic of community mural art!  The two sessions we’ve held so far have focused on brainstorming and design.  The army of kids we had with us Tuesday night did a great job coming up with ideas; distilled from these, LOVE emerged as the single most potent theme, so you might expect the final product to resonate with this feeling.  Thursday’s jam session helped us munch down the dozens of initial of suggestions we received into a clearer picture of what’s actually going to take place on the wall – right next to another fantastic mural created with CNH’s Kidz Klub and St. James Town’s very own Art City (below).  The voice of the youth will be a strong factor in determining the look and feel of the piece, and the positive outlook the mural will depict of the community’s present will point the way towards a hopeful and vibrant future for current and forthcoming generations taking part in CNH’s youth programs.


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