The Fruits of Our Labours!: North York Arts & Huely Socks

The last two nights have been filled with celebrations of projects past: On Wednesday, I attended North York Arts’ gala, held at the Toronto Centre for the Arts in representation of the new partnership of the two, entailing NYA’s installation in the TCA complex.  It was a brilliant and spectacular evening.  I was invited on the basis of my involvement in this summer’s Cultura Festival, through a live painting event called Sound of the Crowd, co-hosted by The PATCH Project and North York Arts.  The final painting arising from this was presented to NYA, shown at the gala, and will be permanently displayed in their new digs.  The party was fun!  I especially liked the hip hop dance crew.


NAN Incandescent Community Mural, “#whateverinspiresU”.

At one point during the evening, we shuffled off into the large digital movie theatre to view a few films.  To my surprise, I found myself in 3 out of the 5 or so that were shown.  One from NYA and one from Cultura both had a clip of me painting at the festival.  The other was from the Neighbourhood Arts Network, depicting the Incandescent Community Mural created back in October, for Nuit Blanche, which was also installed in the TCA lobby.  I was one of several guest artists taking shifts that night.  Mine was the first, so I’d left early.  It was therefore great to see the whole process encapsulated in time lapse.  My final flirtation with video came at the end of the night, when I amongst others was interviewed by Katie Uhlmann, a young film hostess who has covered an impressive list of celebrity events.  You can check out pix from our event on her Facebook page at Katie Chats.  Whenever I get my hands on copies of these vids, I’ll upload  to my YouTube channel (Paul Byron Art) for your viewing pleasure!

Katie Uhlmann from Katie Chats.

Katie Uhlmann from Katie Chats.

Thursday was the launch party for the long-awaited line of designer socks by 9 outstanding Toronto street artists (Nate Kogan, Spud, Darryl Graham, Lazerhorse, Uber, Justin Pape (We Kill You), Anser, and Poser.  And yours truly.), presented by HUELY SOCKS.  The Mrs. and I arrived a little after 7:30 to the Goodfellas Gallery on Queen West, when the media portion of the evening was in full swing.  Luxury socks by all designers (12 designs in total) were framed on the gallery walls, while artists were also represented in a mini-showing of their work.  (I entered 2 works, Mr. Berserk and Weeping Woman, which are still totally for sale at the bargain price of $500/pop O.B.O….contact for details!)  Some really fantastic stuff!  Each pair retails for $20 / 3 for $55 / 5 for $85 / or the whole case for $240.  If you order from Huely you’ll be sent a mystery sock, so it’s a pair of Byrons you want for those tootsies, get in touch with me and I’ll hook you up!

To get you in the spirit of things, check out this mouth-watering promo video from Huely: I’m one of 3 artists featured, and am shown creating my mural, Soxamaphone (the saxophone is my sock design!)






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