I met Lachelle Arevalo at my Double Give performance for Open Streets.  It was a new acquaintance for me, but Lachelle had heard about my artistic doings in St. James Town and was interested in talking more about how we could help each other.

Lachelle is a Toronto-based marketing communications professional, with over 15 years of experience catering to clients in the Middle East, Africa, and North America.  She is the founder of Canadian Immigrant Chronicles, a helpful online resource containing practical guidelines and tips for incoming immigrants and newcomers to Canada.  She is also connected to St. James Town, an area which of course provides no shortage of resources for this blog!  And in fact, she is also connected to the arts in SJT, as a Social Media Strategist for St. James Town Arts.

She and I took a coffee the other day and talked about the necessity of developing an online presence.  I started this blog in December and am SOOOO glad I did, as the response has been terrific.  I don’t know how many years people kept asking, “Do you have a website?” and I’d say, “Uh….well, I’m just not super technical, or I’ve been meaning to, etc…”  But other than this I am still not so app-saavy: By the time I got on Facebook, its bandwagon had already evolved into a jumbo jet.  I also don’t have a cel phone – a really big part of my latecomer syndrome.  (P.S: NOT a philosophical decision!  I just totally haven’t gotten around to getting one yet.)

SO!  In short, Lachelle has agreed to be my online marketing and social media guru.  Consequently, over the last two days, under the name PAUL BYRON ART I’ve been advised to create a Facebook page, YouTube channel, accounts with Twitter, deviantART, ArtPal, with stuff still left to set up on Imgur and Instagram.  (If I’ve forgotten any awesome places to show art or whatever, let me know!)

With the addition of these multiple accounts and the requirement for their maintenance, at the moment I feel roughly like this:


Despite my freaked out state, I am INCREDIBLY appreciative for her wise and considered counsel!!!

For more information about Lachelle, you may check her online career portfolio,  To know more about her blog, visit and follow @immigranttips on Twitter!



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