#whatinspiresU? – NAN Incandescent Community Mural, Nuit Blanche

Last night, members of the Neighbourhood Arts Network gathered together to launch an ambitious community mural, created in the round to welcome passersby to stop and paint.  The mural glowed from within, and high gloss paints were used to provide surface images a luminescence.

Finished Mural – photo credit Tom Linardos

With muralists scheduled all night until 7 am, I was DELIGHTED to have been assigned first shift.  We would, of course, lay the foundation for all those to come after us, but more than that, we’d get to go home early and snooze!  I and my partner, Frances Potts – an amazing artist for her 19 years of age – kicked the evening off around 7:30, after Mixmotion got the installation installed.

Our watch (which ended at 10 pm) was likely the family-friendliest: there were tonnes of kids there and the artistic energy of the work was infused with contributions from these tiny tykes.  Other participants in the piece: a plague of flies, drawn to the light of the enormous lanterns.  As clear from shots in the event picture gallery, nary a square inch was free of them!

Poonam Sharma, artist local to St. James Town, came by with pal Lachelle Arevalo.  Poonam’s design representing community won the t-shirt contest conducted by NAN, and the many tees distributed during the evening bore her distinctive, Warli-styled graphics.

In the hour before Frances and I were to leave, I made the acquaintance of Andre Castro, painter of the psychedelic.  As soon as he arrived on scene, the mural for me magically and suddenly became a rainforest.  I sketched up some totem animals before sauntering off to seek heat in my warm apartment!

The image at the top of this post is from Tom Linardos’s camera.  Seeing the completed version was pretty spectacular when it was posted this afternoon.  Ted Hamer and Tom were muralists those that followed Frances, Andre and I.  Tom I knew from the Bell Box Mural Project.  Ted: we haven’t met, but some fantastic work there, dude!  My first artistic mash-up of this sort, and a lot of fun.

Deep in formal discussion with NAN’s Ella Cooper! Photo courtesy of Lachelle Arevalo, founder and author of Canadian Immigrant Chronicles http://www.canadianimmigrantchronicles.com.




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