A Little Excitement Before Lunch…

I’m all for the ephemeral in art.  However I had no idea it would be part of ‘Welcome Home’!!!

This morning I received a phone call from one of the residents that came by to watch as our youth created the community mural at 280 Wellesley to say that a construction crew was downstairs dismantling the boards around the building – the very same that we’d painted on.

I rushed down to check the scene out.  The workers were very kind and gave me their assurances that they’d do everything they could to salvage the boards.  Our 8′ X 16′ mural has four of them, meaning that we’ll be looking for storage space for a few 4′ X 8’s shortly.

The management hadn’t known about the initiative, not to mention its unfortunate timing a mere three or so weeks after completion of our work, so for all intents it’s a no-fault situation.  Keeping my thoughts on the positive side, I am hopeful that we’ll find a new home for the picture in the area around here.  If not, who knows?  Maybe a wealthy patron will swoop down and snap us up!!!

Any takers?!


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