Sock it to me: An unexpected call from Huely

Every now and then I’ve had some unexpected projects come across my desk, but this next one is probably the most randomly weird.  A few weeks after finishing my StreetART box, Jive Obelisk, I get an email from a dude (Nate Kogan, who turns out to be an amazing artist himself – saying he walked by the work and really dug it, and how would I feel about coming up with an original concept for a designer sock?

Jive Obelisk - Front St & Blue Jays Way, for StreetART's Outside the Box

Jive Obelisk – Front St & Blue Jays Way, for StreetART’s Outside the Box

I started to dabble in clothing a while back under my Gruv Boomerang label and am generally drawn to the idea of producing on Tees as it’s relatively cheap, fun, and gets your art out there in a public and approachable medium, but I never thought I’d actually get something of mine manufactured, so this is a really bananas thing!  (For your reference, the single Tee I made with Gruv Boomerang logo, below.)

The founding idea behind Huely Socks (“hue” as in “colour”), the enterprising engine behind it all, is a lot of fun: for Series 01 you get a blind bag of socks with no idea which you’ll get.  Series 02, featuring a line-up of well-known Toronto street artists which I’m a part of, will switch from the bag to a custom made box, making the product that much fancier.

I don’t know how much more I can say until the official release date in a few weeks, but there are additional events on the horizon which I’ll be involved in as part of the promotional campaign, so I’ll have that news as it happens.

I am VERY excited to be part of the excellent artist-driven phenomenon that is Huely, and highly recommend my dear readers to check out their site at!


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