The Yellow Pages Project – Culture Days @ OCAD U

With cel phones and online directories being the primary way people access contact information today, phone books seem strangely anachronistic; and yet, they are still produced in abundance.  The Yellow Pages Project draws attention to the modern use of these objects, and seeks to extend their functionality through artistic transformation.  For Culture Days, YPP will conduct a free, interactive workshop open to the community which will use the pages of phone books to create a collaborative work of art.  OCAD University will host this intervention, which is also its very FIRST official entry created exclusively for Culture Days!  Come join us on Saturday, September 27th from 12:00-6:00 pm!

The project itself evolved through interesting means, beginning with my contact with Vicki Clough.  Currently a graduate student in OCAD’s Criticism and Curatorial Practice program, over the summer Vicki was also curator for Toronto’s edition of the Figment arts festival.  For sneaky reasons I’ll spell out in a later blurb, I did not blog then about my own entry in the festival, Facebuck – my maiden voyage into the world of conceptual/performance art – but in a nutshell, Vicki was the key wrangler for me and my creative partner, Jamie James, and did a wonderful job.  At our first meeting, after an initial chat outlining our respective practices, I hit Vicki up with the notion that we work together on Culture Days, as something I’d wanted to do but at that time (July) lacked an idea or a venue.

Vicki told me a little about her thesis and general set of interests, which are focused on concepts of sustainability in art.  She also revealed a curiousity to work with phone books as artifacts of a barely bygone age.  Click click, match match!  Almost intuitively, we began structuring the foundation of a community project.

Our Facebook page is officially up, and if you’d like to come out and help us with this drawing-based work, you can click here to register:  The Student Gallery where we’ll be located is at 52 McCaul Street.

Our write up on the Culture Days site can be found here:

Culture Days is a Canada-wide initiative uniting tonnes of cool happenings on the weekend of September 26, 27, and 28th, so check out for lots of other wild events across Toronto!











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