The Design Line-Up

In July, Welcome Home team leaders Mehdia and Maryam Hassan distributed surveys around St James Town, finding out what folks wanted to see in a new mural.  Answers were weirdly unanimous: Nature was the #1 association with what made people feel welcome, as per our mural’s theme.  In contrast to the concrete jungle, green space universally inspired calm and relaxed feelings and a sense of happiness in our respondents.

Our mural is set within a smallish parkette with a few pine trees and some Brutalist sculptural thingy – perfect for introducing our little visual oasis.  Over a number of work sessions, the WH crew and I translated survey data into images, emphasizing problem-solving elements of the design process while moving towards final drawings.  Each youth artist produced their own design, and although only sections of drawings will be used in the finished composition, I want to reveal their great work here in its entirety, as each riffs on nature in their own unique way.

Natasha Bermas’s drawing is pending, as she’s having some sort of weird scanner trouble.  I’ll post this in short order once that’s cleared up!

Sahdia Sandhu, previously listed as a WH team member, had to opt out, due to conflicting duties in her position with TIFF.  We’re sad to see her go, but at least it sounds like a pretty cool job!

NEXT UP…The gripping final installment of the Welcome Home series!:

Maryam Hassan

Maryam Hassan

Mehdia Hassan

Mehdia Hassan

Muneer Hassan

Muneer Hassan

Sonia Gan


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