Primed and good to go

Both the most and the least exciting announcement EVER about the Welcome Home project:  This afternoon we finally sealed the deal on our space at 280 Wellesley, and I pre-primed it, leaving the youth to get to the fun part.  So we’ve officially got a big white wall now.

We’d been waiting to find out exactly where on the building we’d be able to paint from the management, and I admit I was on pins and needles last week since we’re up on our deadline of August 29th, after which a few things happen – I go off to Germany (yaaay!) and the youth artistes go shortly back to schoooool!  Yesterday I got the final go-ahead, and this morning when I woke up, NATURALLY the forecast is calling for thundershowers all today and tomorrow…

A stroke of good fortune found today nice and dry, however, and tomorrow’s predictions presently look a little less caustic, too.  I headed out with my bucket and brush and got most of the wall done in about half an hour, minus a little at the top and bottom.  Oddly, no one sitting in the parkette area around me said a thing to me or asked what I was doing while whitewashing the boards!

If the weather cooperates we’ll be working out the details of some beautiful designs by our artists, which can be checked out here in their completed form!:

Sitting area/parkette at 280 Wellesley St East (Parliament street view)


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