Welcome Home Artist Team Unites!

Meet Muneer, Mehdia, Sahdia, Maryam, Sonia and (absent here) Natasha: the final selection for the Welcome Home youth artist team!  (Don’t worry, Natasha…you’ll be front and center in the next installment!)

I took this picture at our first official session this Monday.  (A total poster for a cool teen flick, no?)  In the background stands 280 Wellesley, AKA “The Halifax”  where, pending management approval, we hope to leave our mutual mark.  The gray panels directly observable were originally put up to fence off a bike area, although the solution became more permanent than intended.  Our plan is to cover this hoarding with a mosaic-like design on the theme of nature – the thing residents most associate with “welcoming”, according to the surveys we distributed throughout the community in July.

We regrouped again today to refine our designs at a round table session in the library nearby.  Each section of the eventual mural will present a unique snapshot of these very different talents, situated harmoniously within a greater picture.  This metaphor is one that stands in for our hopes for the area, that diversity can nestle meaningfully within togetherness.

Next up: Hitting the Wall: https://theyxchange.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/primed-and-good-to-go/








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