Welcome Home – at home on Facebook!

Over the last few weeks, the BMO Seeds Fund Award winning project, Welcome Home, has been slowly taking shape behind the scenes.  Essential to this development have been two talented and driven young women, Maryam and Mehdia Hassan.  Back when I was first mapping resources for the project, I was encouraged to meet the sisters by Rani Rivera, Youth Program Coordinator at St. James Town’s Community Corner, as the girls on their own initiative were responsible for designing and leading their own local Visual Arts Workshop (online here:   https://www.facebook.com/stjamestownvisualartsworkshop).

After explaining the project, they enthusiastically signed up for WH, and given their talents, I assigned them the roles of Supervising Youth Artists.  Since then, in coordination with St James Town Arts we have been laying the foundation for a mural in the area on the theme of “welcoming”.  We created a survey and M&M (I like to call ’em that) distributed these to several groups at Community Corner, and St James Town Arts’ Cultural Collage event this past Saturday.  And the results are IN!  Assembling our team of youth artists is the next phase in our master plan, and this input from the community will inform their forthcoming collaborative designs.

As far as sites, we’ve scoped out a few and one in particular stands out, but designs will have to be proposed before anything on this front is finalized.  To keep up with the news as it happens, go to our new Facebook page and give us a ‘LIKE’!

Welcome Home Mural Project: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Welcome-Home-mural-project/317652431743585

Follow our thread as we get a little press!: https://theyxchange.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/welcome-home-front-page-in-the-bulletin/


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