TCCSA @ Chinatown Festival

On Saturday, July 19th, the Women’s Group of the Toronto Cross-Cultural Services Association will be out in force at the Chinatown Festival for an exhibition of original works created in our course, Drawing on the Basics.  The Festival is a celebration of Chinese-Canadian culture hosted by the downtown (Spadina) BIA, whose theme this year bases itself on the classic Buddhist fable, Journey to the West.  More information on this extravaganza of performances, food, and fun can be found on their site, here:

My time with the Women’s Group began in March.  At a certain point, somewhere around late April, it became obvious that portraits held a distinct significance for the group, and we began to explore the subject of faces in drawing and painting intently.  Visitors to the show can expect to catch a unique glimpse of the artists as they have represented themselves and each other, as the beautiful, touching, quirky bunch of women it has been my great pleasure to come to know and grow with.  (We’re still thinking for a cool name for the exhibition itself – watch for it!)

As this coming Wednesday morning also represents the end of our course, the show’s timing provides a perfect opportunity for the full range of what these budding artists have learned to be finally showcased.  And possibly sold!  Most in the class still consider themselves beginners but from our earliest lessons on shape, shading, and colour, it’s clear to me that these ladies have made great steps forward on their journey of self-expression through the arts.

Photography for the show will be provided courtesy of Mioche Photography (  I’ll have something up next week to capture the action!








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