TAC Mayoral Arts Lunch

I attended the Toronto Arts Council’s Mayoral Arts Lunch last month on June 19th, having been invited as a recipient of the BMO Seeds Fund Award.  The photos taken at the event have been up on Flickr for a while, but I have no connection to Flickr, so just learned today that they were out!  Hence, I’m able to share them with you now, while a little late.

It was a fun experience.  Of course, I knew practically no one, and of those I did, more were more notably identifiable as personas than actual acquaintances…but then, that strange fact was by itself quite interesting.  I sat at the table with fellow award winners and corporate-type people from BMO, with Olivia Chow on the table to my left and bumping elbows (literally – he was right behind me) with Zaib Shaikh, known for his role on Little Mosque on the Prairie, while Jian Ghomeshi MC’ed.  It would have been great to mingle more with my fellow artists, but in going with the flow that afternoon I stumbled in as I stumbled out – mostly dazed – and so did little aside from listen to speeches and eat excellent chicken.

Thanks again to Neighbourhood Arts Network for supporting Welcome Home, and for everything that has spindled out of it!  I officially had my first meeting with the young artists who will be leading the project just this week, and future updates can be expected to follow shortly.  Here are a few quick pix from the lunch which reflect my own situation in it.  They aren’t mine, so their use here is a bit contrived.  Check out the rest here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/125555124@N05/

Next up, Welcome Home begins!: https://theyxchange.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/welcome-home-at-home-on-facebook/






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