As of yesterday at approximately 5:30, my Outside the Box box (which I’m dubbing ‘Jive Obelisk’) was officially finished and open for total passerby consumption.

I arrived on the scene yesterday to find that someone had smacked on this little sticker of a red di with the numbers ‘416’ on it…  Have no idea what it is.  Looked around online last night and could find no explicit reference.  Anyway, graphically it fit pretty well with the overall composition, so I decided to keep it!  My hope is that the intervention was at least made by an artist rather than some commercial thing.

Met tons of extra-Torontonians in the form of tourists, many of whom stopped to snap a pic with yours truly – and actually, represented in that mix were not a few fellow artists.  One, Jaime Luhan, is a digital artist from Mexico currently in town to do the very interesting thing of accompanying contemporary musicians while creating spontaneous images on his iPad, projected overhead.  Based on my net surf, I note that one can check out his show at Heliconian Hall tonight at 8pm.  Many friendly in-towners came by with a variety of questions, too (including my personal favourite, “What IS it?!”)  Several showed an interest in commissioning a work, which is always a great feeling!

The City of Toronto provided me with a flashy neon vest to make myself observable to traffic.  I’m delighted it worked, having learned that there are an awful lot of trucks that round the corner from Blue Jays Way onto Front.  Yikes!  Spent the better part of the afternoon hopping back and forth from the road back onto the sidewalk trying to complete the back panel of the work.  I normally move around a lot while painting to check things from different of view.  Felt like an impromptu game of Frogger in this case.  (Born after 1981?  Google it!)  Front St is really wide.  I had to cross the street to get an idea of how things were turning out from a stable perspective, but the box looked decidedly tiny from here.  As my camera’s zoom is better than my own eyes, after reviewing the final pix back at home in the end I’m pretty satisfied with the result…especially as half the painting was accomplished during an essentially out-of-body experience.

The finished work: Sidewalk (left) and Roadside view (right)

I’d like to give a final shout out to Junior and Nahreen (sp?) at Pizza Pizza – huge supporters of mine throughout the day, in letting me use the washroom to clean my brushes and popping out frequently to admire and chat about the work.  Thanks for making my time that much more memorable!







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