June 7th – “Art in a Blender”

Over the last month I’ve been liaising with Central Neighbourhood House and Community Corner (both in the St James Town/Regent Park area) in preparation for the Toronto-wide event, 100-in-1 Day, to be held on June 7th.  The project will be led by the youth of each organization, taking place (weather permitting) in front of CNH (349 Ontario St.) starting at 1:00 and running until roughly 4:30.  The concept is a bit “meta”: Some participating will redesign the physical space using chalk drawings, inviting those who enter to orient themselves differently around labyrinthine doodles.  Meanwhile, several canvases will be set up at different points around the space for others to capture the event in paint.  I tried to think of an interesting play on words using “reflection” to describe this, but ending up going with ‘Art In A Blender’ as a title, which is maybe more catchy anyway.

While trace of the chalk drawings will fade with inclement weather and pedestrian wear and tear, expressing temporariness, the paintings stand to be installed at CNH and her partnering organizations on a more permanent basis.  Neighbourhood Link, which is slated to merge institutionally with CNH in the near future, while unable to participate with us on the day due to other commitments forms the third point in the triad for our triptych.

The full plethora of things going on that day across town can be found here: http://100in1day.ca/toronto/?page_id=420  while a detailed description of the above is more specifically just right here: http://100in1day.ca/toronto/?page_id=420#/?id=426

SO!  If you’re in the neighbourhood, come join us for (oh…why not?) a Gesamtkunstwerk of epic hilarity!




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