Update: BMO Seeds Grant – WE WON!

A GREAT BIG round of applause and thanks to everyone out there in Facebookland and beyond for chipping in their LIKE in the recent BMO/Neighbourhood Arts Network grant competition: My project, ‘WELCOME HOME’ received a hearty 224 votes, placing our project solidly in 4th place…which of course would be bad news in most contexts but as the top 6 of 10 grants win the full amount of $1000, this ain’t too shabby!!!

Your participation has brought creative development in the arts to an extremely valuable locale, in terms of what it ultimately has to contribute to Toronto’s overall cultural scene.  As a hub for immigration into Canada, St James Town is the city’s central point of meeting for newcomers and Canadian culture.  The more we are able to privilege the arts here, the greater the opportunities we afford those coming in with talents of all sorts, and the more creative production we can enable from those with specifically artistic backgrounds in their home countries, making the state of the arts in Toronto more enriched and diverse for all of us!!!

Onto the finalists reception: https://theyxchange.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/bmo-seeds-fund-reception/

poster bmocrop



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