100-in-1 Day

Those following my recent posts may note that the name Central Neighbourhood House is popping up more all the time, from descriptions of my ongoing involvement with the Mandarin Women’s group to recent coordination with the rest of the Women’s Club for One Billion Rising. About two weeks ago I was invited by CNH to lend creative participation to yet another event upcoming this summer: 100-in-1 Day.

100-in-1 is an extremely weird and exciting kind of thing: a day-long series of interventions across the city essentially consisting of anything, with the simple underlying emphasis being on getting people up and involved – both dreamer-uppers and the audiences they dreamily seek to engage.  Originating in Bogota in 2012, 100-in-1 made its way up to Montreal last year.  This will be the very first year for the project in Toronto, and it’s jazzy to get in on the ground floor!

Of the several workshops 100-in-1 has staged,  I attended the brainstorming session held at the Center for Social Innovation – Regent Park (that’s my tiny head sticking out at the back table).  The exceptional verve and enthusiasm of volunteers and staff organizing the event was impossible to miss.  I was greeted heartily at the door and ushered in, thereafter bumping into participants from here and there and everywhere and swapping notes about possible intervention ideas.  Personally I’d come with an empty noggin: as an emissary from an organization, the nature of my ideas could only be collaborative.  I’d scope out the scene here and bring back tidings to the good folks at CNH for further hmmm.  But what I hadn’t known was that this event wasn’t limited to big places but open to ANYONE.  The possibility of solo action kicked off a few other thoughts about interactive art making in the public sphere, maybe combined with something about language or translation.  Dunno.  Maybe there’s time to do both.  I’ll keep y’all posted as things develop!

It goes without saying that any and all creative folks and friends of the arts reading this should certainly consider coming up with a notion to bring to our city streets.  Everyone’s work has the opportunity for publicity through both 100-in-1’s website and Facebook page, and free publicity is a pretty good deal when you’re all doing creative stuff anyway – to say nothing of the mere awesomeness  you’d be joining in on.  Check out the links below for more info:

Web: http://100in1day.ca/toronto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100in1dayTO

THANK YOU, CNH for introducing another fantastic and cool opportunity!


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