Drawing on the Basics – (Description)

Wednesdays, 11:00-12:00
The Cross-Cultural Services Association

This class will provide an introduction to foundational drawing skills including techniques in sighting, shading, colouring, and basic perspective. No art skills are required to take part, students can join at any level of development. By the end of the class (one month) students can expect to have become familiar with aspects of landscape, the human figure, cartooning, and abstract art.

Students will also be encouraged to think about art as more than just technique. In the welcoming environment of the Women’s Support Group, we will use art as a tool for the exploration and expression of feelings and ideas. While the skills learned above will teach “how-to” draw, through this second part students will come to discover more about why they make certain artistic decisions, and develop this knowledge into a more personal approach to the study of art.

二零一四年二月份開始, 逢週三.
多华会 – ”妇女互肋小组”及”新移民青少年”

本课程将介绍以基本的绘画技巧,包括在瞄畫,陰影,着色,及基本的透視技巧。没有美术基礎者必须参加,学生可以参加不同水平的學習。到最後的一課(一个月為期)学生漸入至對:风景,人体,漫画,以及抽象艺术的描繪, 各个方面有一定的熟悉和認知層面。



(Trans – H. Liu)


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