St. James Town Banner Project, 2014

In Summer 2012, I was involved in a public art competition in St. James Town that distributed the art of local residents on a north-south axis, from Food Basics on Wellesley St. E up past Rose Avenue School.  Banners bearing my own designs, along with those of a host of other talented young area artists, can still be seen on display in the neighbourhood.


This year, as an extension of my Major Research Project for the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and in conjunction with St. James Town Arts, I have been tasked with organizing the event once again.  However this year there have been some dramatic changes in the conception of the project.  Rather than a competition, we are calling on all residents and artists of St. James Town to collaborate in a mass art making PARTY!  Everyone is welcome to contribute their ideas, which as a group we will transform into a series of images, to be voted on collectively at the end of several sessions.

These may be expected to run sometime in early Spring.

To rally as much attention to this event as possible, I’m working on a short video this month and into January.  Its message will speak to the overwhelming cultural diversity present within this mere city block…  There’ll be more to say in the coming weeks but I don’t want to give too much away!


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